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I have a book that I carry about with me sometimes; it could loosely be called a journal.

It's not so much that I write down what I'm thinking about, more that I think through the act of writing. Since I started using better pens, I've discovered the process has a certain therapeutic value - in some cases it allows me to access things that I have buried beneath the surface of my own thoughts.

At other times though, it seems quite good at creating a state of genuine empty-mindedness. Nothing comes to mind, so nothing is written!
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6 Responses Aug 3, 2007

books and office supplies are my weaknesses. i'm always checking out new blank books and pens.

EPErica, ditto. I love office stationery. I am always looking for the best new notebook I can use when I get to the end of my current one. And I have to use many different pens (but I really hate when one runs out, especially when it is my favourite colour) cos I have this stupid OCD thing about making sure my journal looks good and no 2 consecutive rants are the same colour.

I do that, my friends think i'm weird :P.

I want a note book. I don't know if I would ever use it, but I love office supplies and that extends to notebooks. Picking out the perfect pen is very important to me, and a notebook is a thing of beauty. Perhaps if I had one, I would use it.

I cleaned my purse out the other day and found 1 full notebook, 1 brand new notebook and a notebook that I use for; to do lists, phone numbers, grocery lists, etc. Keep in mind these notebooks are about 3"x5" (not that large - don't want you thinking I carry a suitcase or duffle for a purse! But then again ... it is rather largish ...) Oh back to notebooks and pens and writing. <br />
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I've only found a handfull of pens that I will 'write' with. It's like "armouree" said ... they can't drag or clump or skip or any of those things - they MUST flow with ease but not TOO much or your page gets messy.<br />
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*sighs* ... the art of writing ...

I am going to have to try this. I would give anything to experience emptymindedness.