14 Years On Paper

i have been keeping a journal since i was 13 years old. my entire life since then is on paper. i was inspired in the 7th grade by a book i read called "it happened to nancy", an anonymous diary of a young girl that was date raped and contracted aids. as a diary it was so fascinating to read. it was like she was talking right to you. i decided from that point forward i would write just like that, and hopefully someday my diary would be able to change lives too. little did i know that my life would be so exciting. since i was 13 i have gotten very heavy into drugs, been to prison, gotten clean and lived through life, death, redemption, and tribulation. and it's all on paper! i have a total of about 60 notebooks. the only problem i have now, is that the older i get the more boring my life gets, i struggle with writing with the intense feeling that i used to have as a teenager. so i have slacked off in my writing, just because i don't feel i have anything to write about. it's ok, when i die they can edit out the boring stuff and make a great book! :)

scooper scooper
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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

I keep a journal also, and there are times that I struggle with what it is I may want to express. I have found that I write down the time what I did, the weather, my mood, then I think of a subject , thought, or questio n and let the pen flow on paper. You'd be amaxed how much you write when presented with a question, why note read a stroy in the paper and comment on it..