Always Have

it's a place for me to vent, express myself, and purge my mind of everything i want to get out. even when my mind is a total blank, i write anyway, even if i'm rambling about nothing. i find the sheer act of putting pen to paper does wonders for me, whether i'm spilling my guts or just doodling in the margins. :)

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6 Responses Mar 4, 2009

ep really is like my second journal. and unlike my paper one, on here i can get feedback and thoughts from other people, which is awesome!

keeping a journal helps alot i do the same

Me, too! Isn't it great? And EP is kind of like having another journal (along with blogs elsewhere, of course!)

I started keeping one again about 2 years ago. I use a program called Jarte (a freeware Wordpad type prgrm) at the moment but am thinking of switching to a program called Efficient Diary (freeware).

i couldn't agree more with you both! self ex<x>pression comes in many forms, but whichever one we choose does wonders to help us learn and grow. :)

Absolutely and when you aregoing thru a tough time, whatever---i have l;earned that putting it on paper is half the problem solved cause we are getting it out from inside and lessens it's power over us.