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I keep them to write on them, to paste stuff that I notice with great interest from a tag to a receipt to a photo. There are times that my journal is not with me and I have this great thought, or even a sad thought. I would quickly jot it down in anything I find - may it be a scratch paper, table napkin, a page from a magazine - just so I won't lose that thought.

My bucket list, my things-to-do-before-I-die list is in one of my journals. And this list varies in features where number 1 is written and number 8 is a cut-out and number 13 is a drawing. I do have lots of journals. I fall in love with the cover, or with the quality of paper, or just its style. I don't think I've never finished a whole journal. I keep jumping from one to the next depending on my mood, depending on these thoughts. 

Right now, I have the need to place something in my journal. But I would type it out, print it, cut, and paste onto one of its pages. It can get tiring to write with your hand.

Maybe I can share it in another story what my thoughts are right now. Because whatever they are, they are making me confused, curious, possibly hurt...making me feel distant...and cold.

My journal is my friend. My journal may provide that warmth I need now.

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
5 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I have that a small one, too in my bag...pretty tattered now. LOL I write on it from time to time...thoughts crossing my mind...or draw stuff I see. But technology had me logging on to my diary in my phone lately...but I still carry my tattered notebook around. :)

I've always loved paper and notebooks ... I have a little one I carry in my bag about 3x2" ... pink and embossed with gold. I hardly ever write in it, but just look at it occasionally ... it sort of challenges me to write something from time to time!

I have that kind of journal, too. :) I bought it, well two of them, and haven't really used any. I just love to stare and feel it. LOL! It's cream-coloured, papier mached cover, tied together with a braided abaca rope that has like wooden pegs to hold them tight. The papers inside are papier mached as well but thinner with bits of leaves. Very, very pretty. :)<br />
Hey, Bliss...this is nice to know I ain't the only one who goes nutty over journals and notebooks. ;)

I love to keep journals too Sylph. Sometimes there are things to say which can't be spoken out loud and just beg to be written down. I love to look back over old entries and annotate them if the situation has changed or if the thing I feared didn't happen (which is usually the case). I find the change of perspective after a period of time helps me to realise that all things do pass. <br />
<br />
I also love the texture and quality of paper and love notebooks. I have some beautiful ones that I bought just because I love the cover and may never actually write in them at all! My favourite was one made from hand made paper and tied with ribbon.

You're making me teary, Lilly...I don't think I can reach out...there are just some things better left on paper...*hugs*