I Have Since 2006

I started keeping a journal for the first time in my life when I moved to Istanbul Turkey in 2006. I have since then just finished 15 journals. I'm on my 16th. They're very important to me. I have two and a half years of living in another country in those books, my development into a young adult, so many ups and downs... going on anti-depressants and then coming off of them again. Thoughts, dreams, epiphanies, various experiences, games, pieces of paper I've found on the streets, other such things...all written, typed and glued in, taped or stapled in. Some of the journals are falling apart. Some have beautiful art works, photos, writings from others that I meet, so on...

I started with the moleskins, the black little journals that fit in your pocket and you can carry around where ever you go. 
I go through periods of time where I don't write too much. It takes me over 6 months to finish a journal sometimes. Other times I can finish a journal in two or three months...finishing 2 to 4 books in a year.
I also go through periods of time where I let others read anything and everything in the journal. Other times I'll keep it more private. I'd like to be able to be completely open with them, though... That's how I am in conversation anyway, I am an open book.

I love journaling. It's great. Everyone should do it.

I wrote a story in the experience group 'I want to know what you doodle'
EP Link
And posted some photos of my journals, mostly just doodles in them.

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its nice to see what others posess in there gift and this you have is a gift

Thank you for your comment redtail :)

Psiafrat, I remember when I was in art school, my teacher once told me that doodling is a form of creativity because its the first impression about who you are and what you see, hense the term I think for there I am. Joural is actually a story of your journey in life, accomplishments and failors, lessons in life. You are quite advanced with your writings and I do hope that you don't lose sight of your gift