The Screaming Room

I think it would be great if I had a room where I could cry, talk, scream and break things. To be supplied with plates, vases and other various things I could throw and break. I have stuff to vent, I know it's there. I want at the people who have hurt me, and mourn the hardships of my life. I don't do these things. I wonder what will the neighbors think. Actually, I don't care. They are loud too. I'm more scared of scaring my cat!
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7 Responses Jul 24, 2010

I have an old Nerf sword (don't know if they still make them) that I use to occasionally bet the hell out of my mattress.

Just as well you never seen my other ones Kitty hee hee<br />
yours is pretty "Awesome" too.....puuuuurr x :)

come round to my too jenny.....oooh why don't you all come....we could have a "Smashing" time hee hee x :)

When I was Younger, we had this lot of woods near us. When I was Steaming Mad - I would go into the woods grab a big tree branch and hit it against the tree till it broke and if I was still mad I find another one and do the same until I calmed down- it was kinda theraputic.... and I didn't have to clean up the mess!

OR<br />
buy a plastic bat and something that's crunchy to beat on. That way you won't have broken peices flying everywhere and a mess to clean up.<br />
<br />
Or<br />
go for a walk or run, exercise releases good endorphines that relieve stress<br />
<br />
OR<br />
beat the crap out of those cheap dishes.<br />
<br />
Just trying to help...

Go hire a sitter for your cat. Get some cheep dishes, and go nuts. You will feel much better, I'm sure.

i know that feeling. sometimes i feel so angry that i want to throw or break things around me but never do. yeah sometimes i wish there was a room like that too.