We’re all wearing lies
Lies that hide our eyes
Lies that hide our pain
Lies that hide our shame

The lies are not told
The lies are not word
Quite the contrary
The lies are shown

We wear them on our faces
We wear them with a smile
We wear are little lies
As soon as the sun rise

We wear are lies
We wear them with pride
But as soon as we are safe
And as soon as we close our eyes

Our masks come off
And we cry
princess41993 princess41993
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 25, 2011

I can't say what i want, what i like or even
choose everybody is so selfish
it makes me feel like a zero totally unwanted.


Such a beautiful poem, and so true, I know my emotional pain becomes so vivid at night as I lay to sleep......................but during the day I ware many faces (lies)
Love to hear some more of you thoughts