I Walk Alone

I walk alone like one of you,
I feel the pain of only few.
You look at me you see a smile,
its disapears after a while.
I let you think that im ok,
but im not together in any way.
I saw war and blood around,
i prayed for peace to be found.
I hear vengence wherever i go,
you want blood spilt, that i know.
I want a world where it is bright,
you want a world where all we do is fight.
I try and see a magical place,
where the sky is warm and love we face.
But i open my eye's and really see,
this dark cruel world where i dont wanna be.
So i'll walk alone like one of you,
but this pain will grow as i see the world true.
misshideaway misshideaway
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2012

This is a very powerful and beautifully written poem, conveying much of the seeming beauty and ultimate disillusion of living in a fallen world. But, here is the next chapter: just when you think you really are alone and different, someone else comes along who is the same and a beautiful connection happens.

Oh dear you have no idea your words can be the summation of my life word to word and literally,bravo,but it concerns me,...since I have seen what no one should,and then I read your words and think,you so young feel it with this words?and what you must have seen?hope you are just a sensitive soul and not one to literally lived your words.<br />
At list I am not alone,and that makes me feel,still right is right and world with you is million time better than yesterday for one like me,if you ever write anything else,please send me a copy,I am printing you wrote and carry it in my wallet.<br />
Thank you. John.k

wow thank you. I wrote this when i was going through a very bad experience and its what i felt and saw. I glad my poem touched you and im glad that others feel and understand it also but thank you for the kind words