I Locked It All In And Lost The Key!

I have so many unexpressed emotions and its really effecting me. In the past 5 months ive lost a beloved pet and got heart broken again by the love of my life.Ive cried very little because im afraid that if i start crying i think i wont be able to stop.Ive held back so many tears and i feel like my heart is drowning.Now i want to let the tears flow but i cant.I try sitting in the dark,listening to sad/love songs, looking at pictures of them and nothing comes out.I feel like the tears are trying to come out but the wall i built is too strong for the tears.
Thefightingangel Thefightingangel
26-30, M
2 Responses Oct 23, 2012

So i see this was awhile bk how is life now?

I still got this problem, its so hard to overcome:/

Wow, like myself. Since April I've lost my dad, my dog, my cat, just lost my grandma last week and my sister is dieing of cancer. My husband has a hole in his heart they just found. I am just shut down. I don't even know where to turn right now. If u wanna relate or talk some more I'd like that :)