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Keeping things locked up inside is standard operating procedure for me.

Throughout my life, I have had many many friends. I've been blessed to know some very fine people and have spent countless hours enjoying their company in wonderful discussions.

I've been praised as a great friend because I can just listen, or offer advice or a helping hand, I know when to be judgmental-it's not always bad-and most importantly; I have the ability to sense which is appropriate at that time. I know how to probe a conversation and get to the problems, and I know when to step back away from it. I'm often the first to be called when something goes wrong.

That said, there have been very few whom I've really had deep, long lasting and intimate (I don't mean sexual) conversations where there is give and take-a full expression from both about the issues of life. The sort of talks that binds people for life. A two-way street. Maybe it's because I am reluctant to open up, but for me it's because I sense in so many people that they are really not that in tune with it-they prefer to deal with their problems and assume that I have it all together. The rock.

There have been two exceptions. One is now dead. The other, is this forum. Having anonymity makes it easier to eliminate all of the barriers and just open up without any inhibitions. To be truthful and straightforward.

In that sense, as long as I am understood; or at least not misunderstood, it's a good thing. It helps to regain the right perspective in life and to release tension and frustrations. To be light and even foolish at times, maybe. Just for the sake of getting it out of my head.

For that, I will always be grateful for finding this place and the friends that I have encountered.

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Bravo !!!

(author bows incessantly-reminding the audience of a pompous orchestra director as portrayed by Monty Python's Flying Circus, until he flips forward into a painfully mis-fortunate collision with a Tuba.)