It all started last Christmas. Now before it wasn't that bad but on Christmas morning I realized I was done with life. I believe that if I didn't drop that glass it wouldn't have happened. I was helping my mother set the table for the big breakfast we were going to have. But by mistake I dropped one of the glasses. So instead of my mother saying "be careful next time". She went in a rant saying how I mess up everything,how I'm careless, and even how I'm selfish. Why she said all these things I'll never know. But everything she said I took to heart. So as I cleaned up the broken glass I slipped the smallest and sharpest piece I could find in my pocket. I then went into my room and closed my bedroom door. That morning I cut the deepest I've ever cut but sadly it wasn't deep enough. What find very funny is that no one questioned why I wore long sleeves on a hot Christmas morning. That's when I started to believe that no one cares. That was 6 months ago. And dealing with a bad breakup and being told I'm worthless I'm at the point where if I was faced with a life or death situation I'll pick death.
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You are not worthless. You are an unique individual who can give a lot to the world. No one has any right to tell you otherwise. Believe me when I say life gets better. When you hit the bottom, the only direction is up. When you give up, you let the others win. Fight back against the world and remember that you are not alone. I've been on the brink too. If you need to talk, you can contact me. Live is worth living.

I know how you feel and if you need someone to talk to, you could always talk to me. Believe me, you're not worthless and Im positive you can get through this, you just need to let out your feelings, that'll help a lot. You're young so you have a lot to live for, you just have to be strong and keep your head up and keep going (: