She is gone and with her so many good years of my life. It would have been easier had I lost her to death, but no...I lost her to another man. Someone she barely knew. He promised that he could love her more than me. I have to laugh at the "Prince Charming" who swooped in to steal the heart I saved nearly 10 years ago. A hard lesson life has taught me...loving someone is an ultimate sacrifice. Sometimes you do things for your spouse because you love them more than anything else in this world. You truly want the best for them. Sometimes in return, you are despised because they can't see the consequences to their actions. Most often you have a self righteous son of a ***** lurking about who will tell them, they would be much better off with him. Not because he loves her, but because he doesn't love her at all. Because he's a coward thinking with his ****. I believe one day he will be rewarded for his abundant respect towards the covenant of marriage. Rest assure all things will come full circle...that much I promise.
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You are 100% correct a broken heart is worse then a death!!!

It's worse not having any answer. Being treated as if your a pebble in their shoe. After so much history. I'm sorry for all your pain I hurt when I hear more for from other broken hearts. This pain is insufferable..

Or you could punch him in the face. It would prob make her laugh.

I know exactly how you're feeling. Grieving a cheating partner is worse than a death. At least with a death, it's final. You can grieve & accept someone who has passed away. However, a cheating partner is much worse. You still have to deal with them. Divorce, children, bumping into them unexpectedly, etc. and with that comes every emotion: embarrassment, sadness, anger, worthlessness, loneliness, emptiness, etc. after 16 years & 2 children, it happened to me. I was faithful & loyal to him. Yet he found a woman 10 years younger who was willing to leave her own marriage of just a few months. Concentrate on yourself and make you a better you. Seek counselling so you can discuss your anger or other feelings. You will also learn that if she truly loved you, no man/woman could ever lead her astray. It's not love if she could hurt you like that. Sure it's easier to blame the guy. I agree that he's an *******. He should have found a single woman to woo. As a woman, I can tell you that there is no man who would lead me away from someone I truly loved. She didn't love you. She is the one at fault. He was just the enabler of what would have been inevitable with someone else. so with that said, take care of yourself, forget her & him, and when you start to feel better, find someone who will always love you no matter what. One who is truly loyal with strong morals and will love you with passion and depth. Best of luck in your healing journey.

Anytime. If you need someone to talk to during this time, send me a message or comment on my posts. I've been there. So I know, what you might be experiencing. You may just want to vent or seek advise, whichever the case, I'd be happy to help if I can.