I'm an emotion bottler, I'll admit that. Right now I'm keeping a lot back in regards to my friends, I love my friends but they make stupid, stupid decisions sometimes. The worst offender is my best friend and his ever horrible choice in girlfriends. Now granted it's impossible to find a "quality woman" when pretty much the only qualifications are the ability to roll and smoke doobs but that's no excuse for at least half of the girls he dates. The one he's with right now he's known for a couple months, right now he's been sick with some form of cold/sinus infection for nearly a month and refuses to go see a doctor about it even though he can't sleep because he can't stop coughing. The guy has been getting sicker instead of better lately and I know he's not drinking pretty much anything aside from mass amounts of beer recently and he ran out of cough meds the other day too so he hasn't been sleeping much. Tonight he's celebrating canada day in his sick state by guzzling beer, smoking up and a few other things and I asked him if he ever picked up any more meds and he replied right away "oh don't worry *insert gf name* is taking care of me". If she was taking care of him, he would have either been forced to doctor or at least made to drink some freaking tea. I mean really he's been bitching about being sick for weeks and saying he thinks he has a sinus infection but apparently that doesn't mean cutting out the beer for a few nights or anything. Anyone else have a stupid friend like this?! I just want to slap him sometimes and tell him to grow the hell up and start acting his age (he'll be 23 next month) for a change.
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The only person you have choice over is or can change for the better is you. We all have free will, so if they FU that is their problem. If he asks for advice then give it. When you make others wrong it does not help them or you.
Men in general will not take care of their health. They get the bad habits from their dad, so if their dad was a bad role model then they don't know any difference. Then most males will only truly mature at 30. To reason with them till then is hard work. He has to learn for himself.
All we can do is lead by example. It is hard to give someone self worth - they are the ones that have to build their own self love and self worth.

That is far easier said than done especially being as I've known him since I was 11. I know the way he used to be growing up and it drives me up the wall when he acts like that part of his life never existed and that he's always been this way. At this rate there won't be anything left to "mature" by the time he hits 30 and his dad was a great example, never misses work, never smoked or drank, dragged him to the doctor any time he got sick or hurt enough to warrant the trip, these bad habits and total refusal to at least try to take care of himself is not something he learned from his dad. Growing up he actually cared about his health, he ate properly, exercised all the time and never even considered drinking, smoking or toking because it was unhealthy.

You are at the gate of change, life is change. It is then sad that your friend is doing what he is doing. We all change, maybe this is the end of your youth part of the friendship. A lot of males do stupid things, hopefully he will learn, if not....... all you can be is his friend.
Males are a bit feral and un hygienic at times, us girls have very different wiring to them.
Then maybe move on.........their are new friends with who you have things in agreement with.... maybe it is time to change too.