It's nearly three am and here I am awake debating on what my future outcomes with my lover are going to be. Sometimes I think she spends more time with her friends instead of me even if we did talk about this situation. I would always dedicate time to here late at night just for her when I actually have time to talk to her only. But she's been talking and talking with the others and yet here I wait on here to be able to talk about how my day went and how was here. To you know catch up. But just recently it feels like everything is going downhill again like we were months ago before our first break up. I fear that I might loose her one day even if we constantly remind each other about our future together, living with one another, and having a family. Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just seeking too much attention from her. I have nothing else to do. She's my sunshine, she's the love of my life and j can't go a day without talking to her but I suppose I'm going too far. Maybe I should just stop talking to her for a few days and see how that goes..I don't know.. I don't want to worry her.. I'm slowly being dragged back into this deep depression I once had. I don't want to go back there.. All I want is her.
BakaAkira BakaAkira
22-25, F
Jul 17, 2014