It's time to let it all out!!! How I wish he could hear this.
This past year that I've been without you. The first few months I was in such pain and sorrow. In a dark place were I would have love to be lost in the shadows never to be seen again. I tried to reach out nothing.. During the middle I tried to be positive and have hope that you would return in time. Realizing how much I truly and madly in love I was in with you.. My best friend encouraged me to hold on for hope I thank her so much for that.. I have hope but, not hope for you to return anymore. I now have hope for the future. To find the true man who deserves me. Who will get the chance to see my true value. That I will be his everything, his best friend his wife, mother to his children if God blessed us with them. In turn he will be mine. We will be the team that I long to be a part of forever. I now see you were never a real man. Your actions show that your nothing but a coward and a douche bag. Now that a year has passed I've resized so much about myself and my true worth. The things I've been through this past year. Have shown how strong I truly can be. I've faced the death of close ones, sickness within myself. All this suffering I've survived without you. I'm a stronger woman then I ever thought I could be.. God sees all and you will learn that down the road. I'll never which any bad on you because I am a good Christian woman. Good bye forever and now I'm free!!!
Beanbella Beanbella
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 19, 2014

It is very beautiful post....I understand what you are saying and agree that you are stronger than ever and finally free my friend!