There is so much I can't say to you that I wish I could. I've known you for 12 years now, you've been my best friend, my boyfriend and the one that caused me more pain than I even knew was possible before we found our way back to the friendship that started it all. You make horrible decisions when it comes to women, you threw away the only one that actually loves you and wanted to grow old with you for a **** that left after only a couple of months. The one you're with now? You've only been seeing for maybe a week and I can already give you a list of reasons she isn't right. I hate her, I've never met her and probably never will but she makes my blood boil from two provinces away. Why was I the only one you didn't treat like a queen? I had you the longest out of every other girl you've ever been with and yet you treated me like I meant nothing while you treat the rest of them like they're goddesses that you're blessed to know. They don't know you, they weren't there for you when your world came apart over and over but I was. Why didn't you care? Why? I gave you everything and you took it greedily but you never really cared about me did you?
misspaperwait misspaperwait
22-25, F
Jul 24, 2014