Keep Things To Myself!!

ive always been the sort of person that keeps a lot of things to myself, cos i dontwant anyone els to worry about all my problems!!! and thats why i love ep, cosyou can share your problems with other people, without feeling guilty about maybe making someone needlessly worry about you for various reasons!!!

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3 Responses Nov 4, 2009

I keep things to myself too, but I'm different, I do want people to worry about my problems, ok, not worry but to care about me and let me know that they care if I have a problem, but I keep things to myself because I don't trust or because I just get the feeling that the other person simply doesn't fully understand what I'm going through. Not telling things can be good and bad. In some cases it is even a skill.

yes, thats it applecheeks8, this is a wonderful place to release!!! and i have met many great people on here too!!

I agree with this. I always have a smile on my face even if I am crying inside. This is a wonderful place to release. I feel EP is a relief:)