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Baby Pants Museum

I'm BabyPantz:) and have been collectiong shiny sexy plastic vintage baby pants since the 1970s. My middle sized room in this big house, next to the all shiny plastic fetish, 2 vintage hospital crib nursery, has a thousand plastic baby pants from mostly the US, but from all over the world. DID have a web site outa England, but that plastic pants lover decided to boost me for money. The Baby Pants museum is REAL, and you can touch, feel, and smell vintage plastic baby pants, and ALL related shiny plastic baby things from 1930s thru the golden plastic years of the 1950s to about 70, when ugly disposibles ruined the plastic baby pants market. I never find these beautiful creations in any thrift store no more,,,,only for high price on ebay. I have sooooo many plastic baby pants, and I can't stop! I wear plastic almost 24/7, and am looking for way early retirement to wear my plastic baby pants and raincoats, all shiny soft sexy smooth baby plastic, and roll and frolic in plastic pantied diapered infantised blisss for ever! The Rule in my house is no pants inside, unless plastic baby pants!
BabyPantz BabyPantz 46-50, M 5 Responses Aug 9, 2011

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I know the feeling love too were and see little toddlers in em mmmmmmmmmmm turns me on

i love being naked with plastic baby pants to. them shiny pink plastic baby pants make me feel so babyish . im obsessed with plastic baby pants i want be obsessed with your plastic pants to

Where is your place would love to come have a look :)

Hey BabyPantz and petti100, I started collecting in the 70's also and still have quite a collection from then until now. Several hundred I think but I never counted them yet. I guess as I took an early retirement I have the time to count them and put them in some kind of order now and I bet I can remember where each pair came from and when I got them or where I bought them. I still have faint memories of the scent of the real rubber pants that were put on me when I was young in England after the war and the scent of the vinyl panties that I have in my collection brings back those old feelings of arousal just like back when I bought them. Would love to see both of your collections and share stories.<br />
Luv & Hugs Angelapinks.

I would like to see your museum some time. Where is it located ( I assume it's by appointment only). I have a modest collection of vintage baby pants of about five or six large file boxes full, but probably nothing like your museum. I have a funny feeling that I'm probably bidding aggainst you on many vintage items on Ebay! If you're interested, maybe I can provide an opportunity for you to see my collection.<br />
<br />
Vintage aside, I also have countless non- vintage stuff, some of which I wear. Some of this is becoming vintage.<br />
<br />
What? No pants inside! How about a skirt, you know, a frilly poufy one with lots of petticoat slips and stuff. It makes it easy to display those cute plastic lined frilly rhumba panties, or just a diaper and plastic pants. But whatever. <br />
<br />
God bless....