Who is That, Mammy?

My daughter and son call me a variety of things. When they were very small, it was "Mama."  As they grew older, "Mom" often replaced "Mama," though they would still use that earlier name.  Lately, my son somewhat ironically calls me and his father "Ma" and "Pa."   I feel a bit like Michael Learned when he does this.  My daughter grew enamoured of the name her Irish classmates used for their mothers.  Unsurprisingly, it too begins with the letter M, as do all of my nom de plumes.  She calls me "Mammy."

This is not to be confused with the Butterfly McQueen character from the famed Selznick film.  She did not even know of the smiling round black woman who cared for Katie Scarlett O'Hara when she began using it.  She just loved the funny sound of the name, commenting that it sounded like a bunch of sheep making noise in the field.  "Maaaaaammy!" she'd holler.  "Where's my uniform?"  My girl loved her school uniform.  She hates being back in the states, where, she says, girls dress like *****.  A few have picked on her and told her she dresses like a nun.  They are misinformed about what nuns wear, I think.  I have never seen one wearing an Oxford University hoodie, blue jeans, and Chuck Taylors.

When she calls me "Mammy" it brings to both our minds a very happy year in a very happy place.  I suppose some people might call it running away, going to Europe for a year on sabbatical.  Yet we had a marvelous time and made wonderful friends and kept in touch with those we loved.  Heck, she and I went back for over a month to care for my mum when she was in a near fatal car wreck.  So it was hardly much of a running away.  We were only a phone call or email away, ultimately.  Amazing, to be halfway 'round the world, yet accessible to those who cared for us.  Yay for modern telecommunications.

She and I went out last night to meet Handsome Actor for supper and to attend a performance of the current work in which he's appearing.  We had a marvelous feast of sushi and then drove to the theatre.  I was overcome with weariness, possibly aided by the consumption of some very nice warm saki, and I begged her to let me take a catnap in the car.  I am a champion of the power nap.  She wanted to check out a local bookstore, but took pity on me and let me lay back and close my eyes.

I floated away quickly.  I was in bed with a man I desired.  I was nude, and so was he, and we were doing some awfully nice things to each other.  He was hard, and I was wet, and that makes for a very interesting combination.  Lubrication can do great things for a pair of persons who want to have a good time together.  And natural lubrication, like precum, is absolutely wonderful.  I did a bit of licking and a bit of sucking, and enjoyed it all.  Then there was the fingering.  And unlike that stupid Indian **** clip I endured the other day, there was sound.  Moaning.  I heard him call my name.  And a thrill shot through me.  I responded with his name as I began to ***, squirting as I did.  That's a new trick I've recently mastered, and let me tell you, it is big fun.  The ****** feels fantastic.

And then I woke up.  I let out a gasp as I saw the cars ahead of me on the street, because for a moment I thought I'd fallen asleep while driving.  I stepped on the brake, which wasn't necessary because the car was not really in traffic, just parked adjacent to it and of course the engine was off.  My daughter looked at me with concern.  Then she laughed as she realized I was okay but still groggy.  Then she told me I'd called out a man's name while I was sleeping, and she asked "Who is that, Mammy?"
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And you asked her what was the name, and then winced as she told you, and thinking quickly, you then replied that he was ... ?

In addition to the term Mom, I refer to her as Ma. That comes from my Mom's family tradition from her Scotch parents. Although I am not known as Pa. Those two terms considered in unison conjure for me memories of the old Ma and Pa Kettle movies. And I am no Percy Kilbride and my wife no Marjorie Main. Although there may be some hillbilly-like tendencies in me. :)