Curious About The Meaning Of These Dreams

For months now I have had very vivid dreams. Almost nightly. Any way the dreams may not match, but the themes seem to reoccur n all of them. Just to keep this short and sweet so hopefully someone can give me insight I will outline the themes.


  1. Water- clear for the most part. lakes, rivers or some type of pool
  2. Malls or ***** centers- always multi level multi room with either stair cases or escaltors ( usually a little confusing due to all the rooms and their  lay out.)
  3. Cars- usually inside a restaurant and yes they drive around in there
  4. My ex Fiancee/ baby daddy- always is him but his looks are ever changing and he always seems to have people(law Military ect.) looking for him

For a while I was having very violent dreams. Also very vivid Nightmares. I was always kind of suspended there able to see everything that was going on but not able to interact with the situation. Again here are the reoccurring themes.


  1. Violence very gorey
  2. a child or children were being hurt
  3. adult was always the one violating
  4. always abusive very.

These dreams would wake me horrified they were so graphic.

Someone please help me figure out what this means.


mirypasa mirypasa
41-45, F
Jul 26, 2010