Oh Boy

I've been keeping it a secret, but I got caught tonight! In the confessions section no less! Oh well, He can screw! I love this place!

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8 Responses Jun 28, 2008

Mine caught me also--I wound up backing away for a while and then had the same feeling you did--screw it--I've met allot of great people here and I won't stop coming here--EP is a great site to vent and meet different people.

You know, My husband and a friend of mine have recently 'learned' how to use a computer, I have thought about inviting them here, I then realize that I must be drunk or something! This is my place of sanctuary, it's necessary for me to be here without any of my problems folowing me here too! I can let lose here, plus talk about what bugs me about them!

Did that lady say "so that your finaces will improve?" Wow, I don't think you should be waiting around for him to improve I think you should ditch him. This guy is obviously a total *** if he can let his wife bring home all the bacon while he sits at the house and does nothing. <br />
Well, good luck on your education, I wish you the best. Oh and I hope you can get your husband situation "worked out"

Why would it matter if you are this site? It's just like anyother social networks, just a little diferent. If nonthing esle it's better than myspace or facebook because it not some random kinds looking for a "friend"

Who said ep wasnt awesome? why would you say screw everyone, no one said it wasnt awesome. whats up with that.

Yes, there is a reason the ex is the ex, and I will pray that something comes your way so that your finaces will improve, I am proud of you for going back to school, you stick it out so you can get that degree. Indepence is what you need, and you can do it. dont give up. <br />
<br />

What a loser I think he is! He thinks I'm sleeping with everyone here! LOL! This to me is why I think partially why he is a loser. He is not the man I married, he's nothing even close. I have gone back to college and am pursuing my degree, he hasn't worked in over a year! Literally lays in bed and drinks my student loans up. If I had a place to go oh good Lord I would... in a heartbeat, I have lost all respect for him, and am tired of being so friggin' used! I could go back to my ex... but there is a reason he is my ex! I just want to be independant (hence the degree in college) I just need money to get out of here and I'm onn SSI so I don't see any savings coming my way unless I win the lottery!

What confession did he find out about