Why I Keep Ep A Secret...

I came to EP in the spring of 2009 (using a different username) as a way to vent about things that my wife would do to just cause me all kinds of turmoil. Whether it was smothering me in various ways, or telling me not to come home, or locking me out of the bedroom, house, or whatever.

I have already coexisted with her on other websites and she ALWAYS spoils my fun - especially when it comes to talking to the people I talk to, and if it's females, then ******* all over her territory, marking me off like private property!

So for me to invite her here to EP would be absoloutely foolish!!!! LOL
ambroseguy80 ambroseguy80
46-50, M
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

you got naughty fun..and she ruins it

I know... What a drag right?

no comments.. will not say a word that is harsh..for feelings matter..from the start..words stay longer my mind..those I read..those I write..mostly those I can not take back..will not say..a word that's bad :)