He Doesn't Know

EP is my little secret that I keep from everyone in my real life, especially my husband. Nobody knows about this site. It's a little place for me to completely be myself and say what I feel when I feel it. I can confess things here that I can't tell anyone else. And there is (little to) no judgement here. I love having the freedom to jot down little stories or confessions throughout the day when I have the need to get something off my chest that I couldn't tell anyone else.

Thanks for being there for me!
americanwitch americanwitch
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5 Responses Jan 12, 2013

May I copy and paste your story then claim it as my own? I feel the same way.

No, I am not ok with you plagiarizing my story. Write how you feel in your own words.

I agree I too keep it a secret its my only escape! When he acts like PIA old bastard I hv a place to complain to in a confidential mannor. Thank ful for this site again saves lots of money in thearpy bills

That's what is amazing about this site, I also keep it a secret, and I feel so liberated to have been able to talk about certain things with people here. I know I wouldn't talk about it with people in my real life, perhaps out of embarrasment or fear of judgement

Thanks for joining us in getting things off your chest just like we do! The fact that we all do it makes it easier for those who are hesitant to, and that, in the end, makes EP an awesome place!!! You're a pleasure to share with.

I have an impending divorce. We've been headed in this direction for years. Despite that, its still very personal and I have only told my best friend about it, a week ago. But I have spoken freely about it on EP and it has helped me come to grips with the reality of it and ease into acceptance. EP is wonderfully cathartic that way. It has helped me by being able to share and draw strength from others.