Yes I Do Shhhh

I keep ep a secret, but I'm sure lots of people do. I hide it because the stories I have in here will break my families heart, so it's in their best interests not to see some things. This is the only place where I say 100% what's on my mind, totally uncensored at all times. My family don't need to see that, nor do they need to know about my naughtier experiences. It's nice to have a forum to share thoughts and stuff in without judgement, and to be able to talk to people who have similar interests.
If my family logged on here they would recognise me in an instant, because its not like I have two personalities or anything, but the stuff on here is raw and sometimes painful. They don't need to see it and I don't need to show them. You have to have some things just for you and this is mine.
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Feb 24, 2012