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Yes, I Do

Not that I'm trying to hide anything but if I wanted to interact with those who I know in my day to day life, I'd be onFacebook. I don't want anybody that I know to be on here trying to figure out who I am. What of they're right about who I am? Worse still, what if they get me confused with some other crazy person just like me? hee hee
pentupfreedom pentupfreedom 46-50, M 6 Responses Mar 28, 2012

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I am not trying to be ignorant, but what is EP?

this site

I wish you the best of luck figuring out who you are. And your right, its not their business to know :)

Thanks honey

Your welcome :)

I should correctly say It's not ALL OF ME...<br />
Though I am as real as one gets.

I couldn't agree more. There is something about the mystique of this place and the pseudo-anonymity that puts people off in real life. It's like they are threatened by the persona... as if it is somehow more real.. but they couldn't be further from the truth.. EP is where I come to goof off and be a smart azz... act foolish and escape for a few minutes each day.... IT'S NOT THE REAL ME..... <br />
<br />
~ rolls eyes ~ :)

Penty,it's true I don't know your real name or where you live or many other "particulars" of your life.We know you have two dogs, have a sketchy notion of your appearance from your picture,also the music you prefer.More importantly,over time one does get a "measure of the man". You are invariably courteous,keep up with your EP friends doings,are quick of wit and sparing of words. But something even more fundamental shines through,a goodness and fair ness and decency. Let me add here a great sense of humor.I know for a fact that many many folks really like you and what you do.As do I.if thats crazy,we should all be so nuts.I hope you're rocking the EP house for many years to come,sincerely,and peace to you.

Very kind words, my friend. Thank you

:( Whyyyy I want to figure out who you are.

I'm a well known public figure

D: Why would you do this to me? Are you Rush Limbaugh or something?

Not him, but I have played golf with him

&gt;:( Now you're just teasing me.

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