My World!

I love the way I can explore my thoughts and feelings in an open and accepting environment. I have my “real life” that I live outwardly but meanwhile I have a “secret life” with very deep and hidden feelings which include incredibly strong desires. I have nowhere to go with these in the real world I inhabit. That is a very lonely place to be and makes me feel different, odd and an outsider in many things, instead of being fully human. Balancing the real me with the public me has been a lifelong challenge. I’m sick of this double life I live!
Reading about other people’s experiences makes me feel alive and calms my inner desires by being able to express everything here. Things make sense when you write about them and where better than EP and people can see and comment in an encouraging way. Thank you EP for making all this possible and hopefully soon it will all become a reality and will live happily ever after....
riveria riveria
46-50, F
May 11, 2012