I Got Caught

My bf found out that I have an EP today. It sucked & we got into a huge argument about me keeping it a secret. Ugh whatever, maybe I could tell him to join one day.... maybe it could help us communicate better? What do you guys think?
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*wonders has he a secret account too*

Thanks guys, I'm starting to like this place even more because you're all understanding =] I'm going to talk to him tonight. I brought up EP with him & asked him if he was feeling left out & wanted to join. He wasn't sure... lol fine by me, I guess. I just thought EP would help us communicate more, you know. He has trouble communicating with me & sometimes I have to dumb myself down in order to talk to him. It's sad... but I love him. I just wish he was more open & maybe we can discover new things to talk about through this site.. anyway, I originally wanted to join this site to be away from the real world & have personal space to vent as you guys have said.. I don't know how things will turn out if he joins. He probably won't even contribute. Whatever. Uhhh can't deal with this right now.

Well frankly I don't feel I have to share everything with my wife. Geesh can't you have some secrets!

There are things we share here that would confuse people who are close to us. We all have thoughts and random feelings that sometimes need to be vetted out here.<br />
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Jenni is correct that the biggest challenge with EP is not the secrecy, but the temptation.<br />
<br />
Bleed is also correct that EP is like a living diary.<br />
<br />
Sonnet is correct that there really shouldn't be a reason that you can't have a place to yourself.<br />
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If he's that possessive or jealous, then perhaps you and he need to have a conversation about it. I don't advocate for couples to be on EP together. There are examples where it works, but for the most part, EP tends to be better when it's a personal place.


Ep is a diary that talks back. If you want him here and it wouldn't change what you write then let him come. If it's the one place you can vent from real life then I suggest you let him know you need him to stay away from this place.

Dear God, don't do it! What is so wrong with having a place of your own?

Well not knowing how serious your relationship is or how committed you two are. Honestly EP is a personal place for people. Everyone needs a personal place where the person they love cant see them venting or exploring other experiences. I dont think he should be upset, this isnt an online dating service after all.