Secret Secret

nobody knows or will ever know i go on here. i delete my history from my laptop and dont let anyone even see a glimpse of this site. im so secretive about this cuz i know that my family will be all over this site curious to what i have to say :( ugh people are so nosy!!!
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6 Responses May 27, 2012

No one knows I'm on here either, especially not my hubby. I use the "in private" feature on my tablet. My user name is actually my first name that nobody knows me by. I was called by my middle name growing up. EP is just my safe place to vent. Love it. Can't talk like this on my facebook.

Me too! That's why i use fake name ;)

Sometimes it is nice to have something that is just for you

i feel nosy for reading lol

haha :))))


I can see your point, but there is times when should open up. I do not mean tell everything, but tell some one, maybe even a stranger, that you are looking for something or someone. You are among friends. Granted there maybe a direfferece in years, but sometimes that is good. Good luck on your travels in life.