Ep - A Best-kept Secret Hideaway. Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

I already keep it a secret from my spouse, because my reason for coming here was to vent about her and her tactics.

On many occasions, I have thought about inviting friends into EP. Some I have invited who never came. Others I just didn't quite get the invitation out. For whatever the reason, I am grateful none of them have come aboard. I can't imagine being as open and honest with all of you if I constantly had to look over my shoulder and see who was peeking over mine! There are reasons why things happen, and reasons why they don't!

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I haven't invited any friends on here either. I like the anonymity of being able to share without having to worry about who knows what. My more public life - that's what Facebook is for.

Facebook is too public for proper sharing!

True. I moved far from home about 4 years ago and I do like Facebook because it allows me to keep up with things back there. I have also made new friends here so it's an easy way to message, see funny things they post, etc... But for true sharing of experiences, feelings and stories, I do NOT need 150 people to see that, lol.
I'm glad that someone told me about this site. It's nice to be able to share and vent with anonymity. (and yes, I have been stalking your profile looking for more groups, lol)

LMAO. Stalk away

I definitely keep it from anyone one I know. I am able to be open and honest. No judging. It's nice to get different outlooks of life situations.

I so agree... well obviously! Lol

If someone I knew read some of the things I have wrote they would have a heart attack!

No - I think I would have the heart attack. Lol. I share a lot!

I understand that. I do have one offline friend who is on Ep too. She used to be my roomate. She actuallly joined a couple days before I did and neither of us told one another for a long time.

Oh wow! That must have been interesting! Who knew first???

She knew - I used Ep a great deal from the beginning. She is more of an observer and reader here.

Okay, like Big Sister!? ;-)

Not the Orwellian type. She just likes to read and enjoys the questions and answers. Most of all I think what drew us both to Ep is the spirit of the freedom of expression so well used and respected here.

that's awesome!!!

yes it is

That's the true spirit of EP

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