My Secret World

Yes, I keep EP a secret. I joined after Googling "Sexless Marriage" and found some of the most wonderful people. I have not told anyone I'm on here, especially not the hubby.

It has become my secret world where I can let my hair down and get away from the stress of life or vent. I can be open and honest without worrying what the church folks will think. I don't have to worry about what I say like I do on Facebook.

EP has been a Godsend for me. Thanks to all my wonderful new friends.
pamelamc pamelamc
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5 Responses Dec 12, 2012

same here, pamela... it's my own little secret. ;)

2 bad you can’t act outside like you do on ep, I mean stop living under others opinion ...but I hear ya I also ep vent n’ have fun

I love EP. I feel like I can reveal myself here in a way that I cannot any place else. I write about my secret desires, thoughts and fantasies, and can share them openly here. I can do this because I am completely anonymous. I surprise myself by what I say. Nobody in my world knows I participate in EP. What makes it so nice here is that there is a general sense of acceptance from others. I don't see any insults or raves (maybe I haven't looked enough) and people seem to be genuine and sincere. When I joined I gravitated right to a couple of groups that called out to me, and found myself in a group of people like myself who are willing to share about their lives. I'm disengaging a bit from Facebook--it is more for family and friends. I'm spending more time here, telling stories I've never told before and engaging others in a way I have never done before.

Same boat, understand totally.......EP is great!

Girl Im telling EP and the freedom of letting my hair down..especially about them church people! lol

Sometimes I just get tired of behaving myself. LOL sentiments exactly!