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I try not to mix EP with my real life. I don't like to and I don't want people, especially my friends to know about any of what I put on here. It's nothing personal when I don't add someone from her to any of my other sites I'm on or even tell them where else I could be contacted at. People don't need to know. I know some get pretty attached on here but I would rather not let this happen.

I will be very good friends with you on EP, if you let me but I won't add you to anything else. I won't give out my phone number or email address, no matter how nice you are or how many times you ask for it. I will not give you my full location or my last name - nothing. If you don't like that, don't bother adding me. Either way, it should be expected from a lot of EPers. Please don't ask for mine. It just won't happen.
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I completely agree. I resisted giving even my first name on EP, but your sister got it out of me. lol. She's sneaky like that.

You don't know my sister dude..

Haha :) ❤❤❤❤ good afternoon family!!!

:) ❤❤❤❤ Im really really happy you DID tell me your name even if you were hesitant!!!!! :D

Yeah, I meant this sister. :)

Ohhh. Dude that totally confused me. I was like " How the heck does he know Leila?!" I thought for a moment that we some how knew each other in real life. Thank lanta that was cleared up.

Oh, that would have freaked me out too. Sorry!

S'okay. You didn't know.

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That is good not to give out your info on the web like that there are predators. But as form giving people your other contact info to other sites that your choice. EP is a very personal expressive site and it nice to have a community like this to connect with other people and read stories like this with the traditional FB. I'm not a member of any other social network site.

Yea don't like people like my friends knowing I come to write & express my self. & I don't want people from ep to know where I am at real life either. Iv had people wanna look me up & add me on Facebook but haven't felt comfortable with that. Only two of my good ep friends have my number & even then i talk to them on here more. I think there's a lot of people here that keep it a secret which is cool with me

Haha yeah I totally get it. I just don't like people getting all huffy about it and then accusing me of being fake because I don't want them mixing with my real life. Like who knows, those people could go onto other major sites im on and tell all my family and friends what I write on here. Like..no...