I Think She Would Be Appalled

I have shared so much about me and about my lover and my love life!  But my lover does NOT use the internet this way, she doesn't share about herself.  She doesn't understand what little I have told her about EP... she just doesn't get it. 

She would, I think, be appalled.  She would ask, why am I doing this?  Why am I sharing these kind of intimate details?

I would have to explain that by sharing I am discovering... that by writing, I am unearthing feelings and attitudes that I did not know I had. 

She would not understand.  But I think she would be supportive.

But why chance it?


SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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5 Responses Feb 9, 2009

You're the lucky one, myo!

I not only share much of what I write here with my husband, but my daughter as well. I think they're relieved that I have a happy diversion other than them. My husband would never use a site like this, as it's just not his style one bit, but he knows it's a good fit for me and humors me.

Ooooo.... tell me who it is, mewold, so I can follow him/her around... please, please, please!!!!

I told my sig other and he/she/other is also on here.