She Txts I Have Found Ep

My wife has gotten into the whole TXT'ing thing with her friends at work, and around.  Last year I was wondering who all she had in there, I found that she had a guy friend and I read through some of the emails.

Now none of it was sexual or inappropriate but it was the fact that she didn't tell me about him.

Am I opposed to her having guy friends, not if I know about them or have met them.

I have had girl friends or friends that are girls and I have told her about them and even had them go out on a girls night out but for some reason she wants to keep her friends a secret. 

I am working on not being "jealous" of this that she has many friends that she talks to and I'm just getting started,  but it is about the not telling.

So I have found EP and have started to do as some of you here in this group have done and I don't think that I will tell her about this for some of the same reasons that you have described.

I'm glad that I have found this site to hear from others in simialar situations and what have they done.  If it works or doesn't. 

I'm glad that I am able to read your stories and remind me that others have gone through or are going through the same.

Thank you for sharing.

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I think that sometimes we all need an anonymous place to vent and open up that we can keep a secret in our real lives. This seems like the perfect place.

Yep going to keep my chin up..............Like I said in my story "Be thankful" The top one is that she is home cause she is with me and not someone else. MT....keep you chin up....Your the positive guy remember..... You are a wonderful husband just remember that. I have friends I talk to that my husband doesn't know of them is you...So just remember what we talk family...things we like to do....How we love this or dislike that....<br />
Chin Up.....

Maybe that was my problem wanting to know who she was talking to and stuff, I guess I wanted to know her friends since at the time I didn't have many that would call me friend just to call and chat about anything, I have one and he calls but now I have my circle of friends here on EP and I don't even bother looking at her phone any more, I know she talks to her boyfriend, what about anymore I don't care. I have you friends to talk to and I keep it a secret from her so she can have hers and I have mine. <br />
<br />
I am working on giving her space and not calling her, but she thinks that if I go into her work to get something like dinner for later that I am checking up on her when I am just trying to make dinner for her.<br />
<br />
Oh well it will work out somehow........Thanks for the comments my friends.

Yes My what ever works, I find that I am able to talk to a great many people here and get different points of view on any one subject, she has walmart which is the social center of our town, (sad I know) but that where she talks to her friends and stuff.

I share EP with my spouse because I can't keep secrets about my life from him. I talk to him about everything because that's just how I am. My daughter knows about this and reads my stuff (except the erotica which would gag her.) I am just one of those who has no hidden corners. Having said that, EP is a great outlet for so many people here who would have no other safe place to share. They use this as a place to work out their thoughts and issues and it gives them a break from the "everydayness" in their real lives. Whatever works...

As she has said, I have my friends that I may or may not share with you and you can have your friends that you don't share with me, then we have our friends.<br />
<br />
So it is her life, my life, and our life.<br />
<br />
She wants something that she can call hers and hers alone.

I understand where you are coming from mt...I don't share this part of me either...and we all know I can be a bit jealous....There is nothing wrong with being on EP and not sharing it....Hugs...T

I appreciate your comments. I think now that I have been able to browse around on the site, it isn't about her TXT'ing it is that she is venting out with others and I wasn't. But there again I have found EP and being able to speak my mind and get "honest" feedback, it has helped and I plan on keeping this going for me.

Sorry - not in the same situation but this site is great