Yes I keep it a secret
Is being here as good as cheating on my husband???

Well not that I haven't cheated on him since the day we got married .

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whatever you are doing here is just you & you.No this is not cheating.Just as whatever inside your heart is just yours property similarly whatever you want to share with your hubby is just also yours decision.Because it may hurt him of he is not modern which will further make you down.So, better to enjoy this secret life of EP with EP people only.If in future you find your hubby mature enough to understand these cravings then you can share it.

It's important to stay true to your needs. But you might get more from your husband in a positive way if he knew of you sexual appetite. He might be a natural cuckold for you. :-)

I also keep E P a secret from others but not from my husband. My husband knew that his wife also have a E P account. In fact he encourage me to share experiences here in E P.

That's good... Your just having some harmless fun. It's good that you do what makes you happy. :-)

add me too plsss!!

Beautiful avi hope you have a great weekend :)

If you like to talk message me

Would love to chat with you but I couldn't add you. Questions about your forbidden fruit.