It Would Be Too Humiliating

I haven't told anyone about EP, and I'm not sure I could. I put a lot of really personal things on the site, things I'm trying to deal with. If I knew someone I knew in real life had seen my stories, I wouldn't write them, I would quit the site from sheer embarrassment. Maybe one day I'll have dealt with enough of it to feel comfortable sharing it, but I'm not sure...
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It's like you're singing my "song" too. I just joined recently. Sure, I goof around a lot, but I'm actually here to share, and seriously LEARN from the sharing of others, in an attempt to become a better version of myself. :)

Here no one has to know who you really are. No one knows who I really am; just that my user name is bentheredundat. Want to try to guess my first name from this?<br />
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Some things I shared are too embarassing otherwise to admit; but confession is good for the soul.<br />
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You may even be surprised, if you or anyone find out who I really am.<br />
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Sometimes it makes me feel better, other times I see other people's "problems" and I feel worse. I mean, I'm not saying the problems other people have aren't problems, and I know I don't have the worst problems here.... but sometimes it just seems like even here no one gets it. I suppose it has more to do with my mood and the stories I see. <br />
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When the recent activities are all frivolous, I feel like no one else here gets it. Sometimes I even get angry at it. Other times I know people need to blow off steam by acting like fools. <br />
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I don't know. I still debate about whether or not this is the place for me.

I feel the same way exactly, I'd die if anyone I work with logged in to EP and worked out who I was. Sometimes when I am having a bad day at work because of the atmosphere I think of EP and all the other people here who have similar problems and I don't feel so alone.

I'm not good at close friendships

that is one of the concerns that i have too about this place. that is why i try to not get too personal. i think your best bet is going to be to make friends with someone and write your stories to them privately. i think you could just send your stories to your friends only, or you can write your stories anonymously.