Some Things You Don't Want To Share.....

I stumbled on EP when I was researching sexless marriages.  I finally faced the fact that my marriage was in serious trouble.  My husband wouldn't speak to me so I was seeking out answers.  There were plenty of Ep members that shared their support, advice and stories in order to help me.

I am blessed to have a huge circle of extremely tight-knit friends who are all willing to hold my hands throughout tough times.  One of my friends has been hot on my tail to write in a journal.  EP is the closest I will get to writing in a journal.  I don't want any physical evidence sitting around my house documenting my life during these past two years.  There's nothing I've written on here that I'm ashamed for them to read.  My fear is that my friends would wonder why I wouldn't come to them instead.   My wonderful friends have seen too many of my tears, hurt, pain and disappointment.  I couldn't bear to continue to see the look of pain in their eyes because they see me suffering.  Most of the most painful stories that I've posted are no longer here.  I deleted them because I didnt' recognize the woman that wrote all of them anymore. 

I have made some friends on EP that I communicate with via email and phone.  So I know the time will come when I will have to tell them about EP.  But for now, it's my own private escape and secret. 

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2 Responses Jan 24, 2010

I keep it to me and me alone.... I do not tell people off here about it or what I am writing about... I may talk to them about it or I will write a story about our conversation but to have one know about the other.... That day may come but for now I also keep it private to me and not let my family know...<br />
<br />
SO it is understandable....

I found EP the same way. I have my blog that everyone is free to read, including all my close friends. My stories here are not much more personal then my blog, but here you can go on and on abt something and it's ok, if I did that on my blog it would be hurtful to those that are involved. So I keep EP separate, but my profile here is the same as my blog name so if people really wanted to find out more abt me they could use the net and search me out. I wonder sometimes if my husband does. And maybe if he read what I wrote abt him it wouldn't be so bad, maybe it would encourage him to change to fix his life, I don't know. So for now I keep them sort of separate.