Ever since I was a child, I kept a diary normally about events and how I felt.  Now on this site, I normally enjoy writing here.  Just like a diary, I do not share with anyone else.  I keep Experience Project a secret, since it is hard for me to trust the world sometimes.  I decided to post my experiences online because  I love helping others, and when I joined this site, I thought that I could help others with my experiences, perspectives and thoughts, anonymously.  For now, Experience Project will remain as my hidden secret.  Perhaps in the future, I would share my stories but not for now. 

BellaFairy BellaFairy
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

There a few close to me who know I'm on EP but they don't know any specifics and I'm not concerned about them reading anything here. It's interesting to me you've mentioned coming to EP to offer support to others. I have to admit, I came here for the purely selfish reasons of writing & looking for some support & interaction. Once here though, as I started reading more stories and connecting with others, I find myself wanting to offer that support more & more. It truly is a great community.

I know how you feel Bella, this is such an amazing place where people that feel alone in the world can come to find others like them. Your stories help others and inspire them :) Like you, I too keep EP a secret, something I can keep just for myself :) *hugs*