My Secret


Ep is where I come to share my thoughts without fear having to worry about what other people are going to think. I guess sometimes I use it as my online journal.  It's also the a good place for me to go so I can get my mind off some of the worries or things that are going on in my real life.  Even though I love the people in my life I like having just this one place that I can have to myself. 

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I find that to be one of the true benefits of this website.

I couldn't agree more

That is very true. There are so many who come here looking for help it can be hard to ignore them. Although, of late i haven't been much help I'm afraid. Its great you are such a caring person ep could use more like you mr. rescue :)

I don't have the luxory of it being a secret. Even my ex knows of it. :-)<br />
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But I agree. It is nice sometimes to come here and get a load off every now and again. Though all to often I find myself in "Rescue" mode thinking I need to find a way to help others on here that are going through hard times. Then it becomes a different place for me.<br />
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Sometimes this site helps me let go. Other times it causes me stress becasue I care to much. I wish I knew how to just let loose and go with it. Then I guess I wouldn't be me.<br />
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I noticed you often are a great one for being a person to encourage others as well and to try and lift them up. I think that is great and kind of you. It is a worthy use of time.