Super Secret

Only one other person knows I'm on here. I've never even told any of my friends about this site. Sometimes I laugh when I'll look at my fan list or add someone to my circle - 'wonder if I know you?'

My SO is in the military as am I. I need a place where I can be someone other than what I have to be on a daily basis; because of our ranks an awful lot of what we do, especially in this electronic age, is about appearances. He has an online identity and places he can be someone than 'Sir'. In fact, he's told me he's on EP, but he won't tell me who he is....and that's fine. If he figures me out - I've got absolutely nothing to hide.

Besides, healthy secrets can be fun.
HeatherMist HeatherMist
36-40, F
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Yes they can be. Remember....... there is only one way to keep a secret, and that is to not ever tell anyone else!!!! Thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts, I enjoy reading them. Good luck to you and thank you and your SO for your service to your country!!!