I Can Be Myself

I don't have to hide anything on here and it feels great. I can vent about things and talk about stuff that bothers me. Eventually, I will be able to tell these things to a friend, but for now, it stays here. I want to come out to my friends and family about being bi, but I'm not ready yet, so I talk about it on EP. This site helps keep me sane.
FiveByFive303 FiveByFive303
22-25, F
2 Responses Oct 3, 2011

EP is my total secret, I keep it all to myself.

Same here altho my classmates overheeard me talking to my gay friend and stuff, but i'm not ready for it to be official. Not like they bothering me with hit, they my friends. I need time to accept myself and get my life sorted out before i do. I love EP for just being me, meet new people and sometimes you even meet a few special ones :)

Exactly. I need to figure things out and experiment a little...sort out my feelings before I share them. I want to be completely sure before I tell people.