Better Luck Next Time

Never have I been the girl who shares everything she thinks or runs after what she wants. However, I ended up having feelings for a guy I met. He was fun and had a ton of qualities I admired. So after six months I decided to tell him that I liked him Before I told him, I knew he didn't like me back. I'm not positive why I told him. I think I wanted to see if "jumping" was worth it. Was it? Nah...not really. We are still friends and nothing has changed between us, but it made me feel weak. He didn't deserve to know how I felt, when he wouldn't even appreciate it. Now I know that keeping everything to yourself is usually a good thing, and when the time comes to share your heart take extra precautions.
newfoundhope newfoundhope
1 Response May 20, 2012

not all times keeping every thing to your self is good .... but it is necessary .... broken hearts mend but its never the same ....stay strong and jump again ....but keep in mind at all times u might hut the ground when u jump