Favors Begat Favors, Or Do They?

There are certain "perks" in almost every profession, aren't there?

If you're a mechanic, you get parts at cost. The guy at the pizza joint has eaten his fill of free slices. The gal at the bank gets REAL no-fee checking. And so it goes.

It just so happens that those of us in "show biz" occasionally get free passes and special guest-access privileges to share with friends and family. When the good fortune of professional courtesy does befall me, I will never decline to pass this benefit along to an appropriate party. Often this means good seats, backstage access and VIP parking, all at no cost

So, what could possibly go awry to turn this into an awkward situation?

Nothing can turn this sweet scenario sour faster than hearing the intended beneficiary respond with some lame-assed phrase like "Gee, I'm so busy, I'll TRY to make it, but no guarantees."

Did I miss something here? Am I to understand that this jackass will do ME some kind of "favor" by showing up for the FREE good time that I am inviting them to participate in?

How's THAT for "awkward"?

In addition, doubtless I'm perceived as a complete jerk (which I also find somewhat "awkward") if I dare to ask for a timely decision, just in case there happens to be somebody else on my short list of possibilities that is perhaps not so "busy" to take advantage of my extremely limited offer.

I suppose this brings to mind the time-proven adage about no good deed going unpunished, eh?
tgcyndi tgcyndi
36-40, T
Jul 17, 2010