It's Moments Like These That You Need Minties....

I found myself with my mum clearing what once was my old room in my old childhood home.  We were finally clearing out basically 30 years of crap and memories.. reminiscing of times gone by both good and bad.  I looked round at the clearing room, the rubbish bags full of junk.  Having filled another one, and added to the growing pile in the corner - I turned to my mum (who'd been holding the previous bag open for me) and said in a joking tone... "Assume the position" meaning put your hands out to hold the handles of the bag..  Instead she grinned, winked, and turned her back to me, clenching both fists and bending right over.

My mouth gaped open, and a shocked horrified look came over my face... I gasped screeching EWWWW MUM!

She just laughed hysterically..

*head in hands* it any wonder I have a warped sense of humor???

Thanks Mum, love you too.
Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
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hehe.. She is very much happily married to my Dad, this year is 37 years and counting! Sorry Joan.

An excellent sickness. Is she single (or at least dating)?

LMFAO! Thanks Joan, I'll pass that on to her x) I come from a sick family....

hmmmmmm.....<br />
You might be a little young for me, but your mom wouldn't be and I already like her attitude!

Um, as I recall - ****. Loads of old ****! Paper, plastic, ****?

*grabs nudy mag*gimme dat! *runs off*

WHAT?! What's in da bag!?