I am currently living in the Uk and I want to tell my story. Basically the first job that i had was at the opticians and I didnt do good I was bored fair enough I went on holiday and got fired, second job was labourer tried harder but fired after a month could not lift heavy concreate. But on my third job was at Randstad I dont know why I got fired. I tried to do my best and after 2 weeks I got to know the job ok I had a verbal warning but after I improved for example my job role is to fill in florracks with contact lenses boxes and I did but when I tried getting the boxes other people have to pick for me and I cant make them pick it for me I have to wait for them and when they get it for me I do my job basically they would pick the fast moving boxes and when I did not have a job to do i went to them again but they gave me excuses that the floorracks were not empty, I done this a couple of times a day but they would rarely get the products to me and I went to help other people around the company. Someone went behind my back and backstabbed me. Please help me I cried when I lost my job I was in tears am i just useless I havent even got an answer for getting fired. I dont think they liked me.
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1 Response Jul 3, 2010

WOW! My story of my job history is a little similiar to yours. Me personally i do think that you are the problem i just think the problem comes in when you have many different personalities such as TYPE A, etc, I think you should try finding out your personality type, find out the others around you, and find out a way that youcan adapt to the envoronment and get included. It seems that on myjobs I get so afraid of messing up, and no one liking me, that i do start to mess up and no one ends up liking me. Sometimes i wonder if i cant handle the minimum wadge jobs ho will i handle full time salaried jobs once i complete my degree. I just plane to start form the bottom and work my way up. At times i feel that its just something that I've missed in the organization, seems like everyone is in on an inside joke that i was not included on. (im not sure though)