Whats Wrong With Me?

So I've already been fired 4 different times with in a 4 yr period. Fired from office jobs or retail, two of each to be exact. The first one I was doing fine until I was moved to another dept, with a different supervisor who I could tell didn't like me to start. She would talk to me as if I was an idiot. Not long after being moved my uncle (whom I was close to passed) she really didn't seem to care. Anyways I worked at my desks thru lunches & volunteered for OT, and even had to work Christmas eve while everyone else got off. Eventually she wrote me up 3X for two of the same reasons, switching them every 2 weeks until I was fired. A yr later after unemployment I was hired at a well known retail store. I was there a few months but was fired because me & another girl tried getting ppl to fill out credit forms and she filled one out for her and myself without the person being present. I told her no, bit she did anyways, and still I was fired. 3rd time was at another office setting where I was supposedly written up 3X, however my supervisor told me we were just having meetings, and I was being written up for not understanding the work. The trainer I had, had horrible ADD, so she made a horrible trainer, and everyone I went to for help told me different ways to do my work and said to do it their way. So I was fired. Then the last was just right before this past Thanksgiving of this yr. Because, I was a team lead manager at another retail store and the employee didn't do as I asked her to do so I was let go since I was MOD. Really?? Really??? Why always me, I feel lost, miserable about myself, I lost all confidence I had in myself, and I want to go back to school, but because of my past fired jobs, I'm doubting myself, and wondering if Im making a mistake. Please someone help me, I feel alone and I feel family or Friends understand what I'm going thru and I don't think my husband has any more faith in me.
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Your husband will always have faith in you, like my wife has faith in me. It's just a job, it doesn't define who you are, just defines what you do.

Wow. This sounds like me. I've been fired 3 times in 3 years. Last one happened today which left me very confused. I worked in the Biotech industry and had several "deviations" or departures from the written procedure. Basically mistakes. They put me on an improvement plan for 3 months. Today was the end of the third month. I thought things were going well because I improved, didn't have any more deviations and fulfilled every requirement of the plan. My boss told me what a good job I was doing in our past 1-on-1s and he was sure I would be able to keep my job. He even gave me more responsibility during the 3 month period. Then out of the blue today, I meet with him and HR and they fire me, citing "things not working out with the group." That wasn't part of the plan and my boss told me everyone likes working with me! So I'm confused and angry. I don't know why this keeps happening to me. Bad luck or personal flaws? Or maybe the industry?

Don't feel bad. I moved to Vancouver, Canada from Denmark less than seven months ago. I have been hired and fired three times already. I have no less than two graduate degrees. I must do well at the interviews and the employers must find my resume impressive because I keep getting hired. Today I was fired by email... complete cowards. Whenever I get fired they say: "It's not you, it is us". It is like a bad break-up and feels like being kicked in the gut. I wish they'd stop hiring me if they are going to fire me anyway. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone...

I have had identical experiences in the last year... I get hired because I have great experience, education, training... but then I am called in to the "office" and told it's not me, it's them ... here is your check. I quit a good job in 2006 to care for my parents who were elderly, thinking that I could get another job since I have never had a problem in that area .. Mother died then father passed away, and I have been in and out of jobs since then.... help ;(

Yep, the job I had before my last told me it was nothing personal against me, then said I wasn't working out. First, why would they say it was nothing personal against me? Second, there was plenty of ppl there that had a hard time with the stuff we had to do. It was confusing and when u tried to get help from one person a different person said it was wrong and you would get marked up for it then. Honestly, I believe I was fires because I wasn't like them. I'm a laid back, hipanic woman, married young and had children in my early 20's, because both my husband and I wanted to. I suppose I wasn't prissy, rich, or highly educated enough for them, they thought low of me. Plus I spoke my mind, and I don't think they liked that. To hell with them tho, I'm not changing my self for them or anyone else. They don't like me, they can kiss my ***!

I think it is hard when people hire a candidate, they are not clear about the duties and expectations. I was hired for a job then when I flew in from out of state they gave me a sheet of paper that said I was doing a support job. Two things. I do think I have to take responsibility for my communication or lack of. I cannot say they can kiss my a@@. I have to support us. My husband is too Ill to work. I want to find a way to change. The people in charge are unfair and awful but I need a job.

I'm sorry to hear all that you've been through. It's really hard to go through that and not just give up. Maybe you just need to get some people skills training, try going to a support group and listening to others issues and interacting with them to learn how to deal with other personalities in a constructive way and also how to just not react sometimes. Another way could be an interpersonal communications class or business communications class. There will always be hard to get along with people and just stupid people at work everywhere it's just that you need training in how to deal with them effectively.

Wow, that really sucks!! Maybe some self-evaluation would help. I know it seems that you did the right things and you are the victim, but maybe - just MAYBE there was at least some small part that you did do wrong. If you can own up to your mistakes - even TINY ones - it could make a world of difference for you because owning up to mistakes means you have power. You have the power to change yourself and to control your own actions. You can't control others, but you can control yourself.
I don't mean to be rude or cruel, just trying to help. I don't know every little detail, so maybe it is a total fluke and maybe you are completely the victim here. I really don't know!! Just thinking of some options here.

At least for myself, I see a pattern. I know I must be miscommunicating. Also, when I first started working the economy was better. It is brutal to GET a job.