I Keep Getting Fired

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 I work as a temporary secretary, an ‘at will’ employee, so without employment law protection I accept that I will get fired more than most but it seems to happen to me all the time.  Granted I sometime bring about getting fired by my own actions (I got fired from my first job for getting drunk at lunchtime and I got fired from my last job for persistent lateness) but too often it is because of management wanting to show-off its power “we need to make savings, so fire the temp”, regardless whether that will actually save any money in the long term. 

 Furthermore, even though the writing is on the wall and it is obvious I am going to get fired at the end of the week for whatever reason, it is always so humiliating; such a let-down.  The person who fires you puts on an air of empathy (‘I’m really sorry that we are going to have to let you go, but the department is going through a few changes’ etc etc) but also implying that out of the whole department that I am the least needed, the least missed.    Co-workers also add to the humiliation.  As soon as they know that I am leaving at the end of the week, they exclude me from conversations and jokes.

As an antidote to getting fired and as a way of preserving my dignity, once I realise that I am risk of getting fired I seem to work less (rather than harder), turn up a few minutes late each morning, dress down (often turning up in jeans).  This seems to appeal to my rebellious streak at the time but does not help get references afterwards.

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Were you overworked?

Was this your first job you*ve been fired from?

It sounds like you've not yet found your niche and have been unhappy with the jobs you've had. If there's another profession that appeals to you, perhaps you can work towards a different career. There are a lot of colleges that offer on-line courses now. Good luck to you in whatever endeavor you end up choosing.

Get yourself in to a union. They can't fire you without just cause, and the bullshit -should- end.