New Years Resolusion

This year I resolve to deal with this family issue. I have decided that I will have a sit down with my parents. They are the only ones that are important enough for me to deal with. I will let them know how I feel and how this has effected me.

For a longer term fix? My husband and I have decided to move away from the area. I believe that if I Can't get together with family, I wont feel the hurt that I feel, being in the same area and not being invited. This way the only people in my life, from my family, will be the ones who want to be. It's time to make myself as emotionaly healthy as possible.

I no longer wish to feel this way and I wont beg for love or acceptance from my own family. Time to put it behind and move forward. Oh I am well aware that it will never stop hurting and that I can not run from my problems. But I also know that when I am not living in the same area, there is a different feel to the issue.

How would YOU deal with this sort of situation??
NKDing NKDing
51-55, F
Jan 11, 2013