Part Two

Did I mention that this condition of hers makes her tired, and when she hits a certain point of the day....she has to nap?  Then is very difficult to awaken?

Well...I know this.  And one of our points to each other today in our discussion was that she spent a good deal of time sleeping so no wonder you feel like we growing apart.  So what happens? 

After our discussion, she climbs into bed, says we'll have dinner between 5:30 and six, depending on when the meat is done.  I'm checkin on the meat and it's barely done just now.  I ask her if she'll be joining us for dinner and I can make a quick back up for us, and she says she'll just lay right there!

So the ribs are still cooking, I'm now trying to come up with an alternative and wondering if we'll be having a family dinner tonight. 

Yes, I'm growing more's obvious...

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2 Responses Sep 4, 2008

we've known each other for four years, have been seeing each other, been lovers, for 2, but her kids thinks it's only been a year...we know better. It was a secret for a long time because she was still married up until last year around this time. We've had troubles this last year and almost broke up a few times, her doing...and her daughters doing, not mine.

How long have you been together?