Sharing My Wife With Another Man

I   keep having a dream about sharing my wife with another man. I dream I am in a room watching her have sex with another man and in the dream I find it exciting to watch her engaging in all types of sexual acts. The male in the dream is no one either of us know just phantom male giving her pleasure. We have a great relationship and have been married for over 10 years now and are not swingers.


About 4 years ago I lost a job of over 12 years and had to go on anti-depressents. The medication in turn has put my sex drive in low gear however and takes some doing to get cranked up. Due to this our sex life has taken a hit. I feel bad about this and I have entertained the thought of her taking another lover. I brought this up one time and she said that is was something she could never do even though I would condone it under the circumstances. She is a middle aged woman now and at her sexual prime and I know she has cravings and needs and hate to see her go unsatisfied sexually.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks folks

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I don't think a wife is going at such a suggestion on the first time it is raised. You need to persuade her that you are ok with her doing that. Perhaps suggest that you join in or start some role play with a ***** to get her relaxed about the idea

good advice and encouragement grams

Do you know where you are lucky, your wife loves you and only you, be creative, your mind is obviously working put it to use and please your wife... YOU cando it!!!!!

You've opened up and made it known that you would condone her seeking out a lover. She's also opened up and given her opinion on the subject ... "something she couldn't do". As BrutMystik said, be careful not to project your needs onto her. If you both are open enough to discuss another lover for your wife, trust that your wife will come to you to discuss her own needs. Sounds as if you have a very solid relationship, and sometimes .. espicially to a woman .. feeling secure in a relationship is more than enough to keep her satisfied. Best of luck!

maybe she loves you, and you are enough. Is it possible you are projecting your needs onto her? Be careful...she knows what she needs. Good Luck; be wise.