Sharing My Wife

My wife was a busy young women when I met her. she was 19 and was seeing a lot of men I liked that I started to go with her  soon after we met, I told her to keep seeing other men I liked it.  soon after that I got to watch her **** a man in front of me for the first time. it was wild as hell to watch that he was given it to her real good. we have meny good years of hot fun after that.
jcomerford jcomerford
36-40, M
4 Responses Jul 18, 2007

There was no better satisfaction in the world to watch man ******* my wife in our bed adult theater or in a bar. It was always so exciting to watch a guy trying to get into my wife ***** knowing she was going to let him.

Cool, I like those innocent looking ones who let it loose behind closed doors. There is a song about that.

My wife was a real innocent looking woman none of our neighbors knew she was a ***** for a man's **** any man's ****. I was very proud of her being that way.

Shareing my wife was a big turn on for me with men I knew and others I didn't know. When I was still in the Army, I was sent out on a resupply mission for the radar sites in Greenland and other areas of the north Atlantic my wife was back in Virginia Beach alone taking care of other military men and locals. She has a real innocent look about her but wild as hell in bed.

I have engaged in swinging with a lover. My wife discovered my swinging and I have been trying to get her to **** another man ever since. It is a great visual, so erotic it is unforgettable.